Re: PSN 7 End-to-End question.

Alex McKenzie (mckenzie@LABS-N.BBN.COM)
Fri, 29 Jan 88 8:39:52 EST


One addition to Ken Pogran's message: several of the designers of the ARPANET
packet switches made by BBN presented a description of the design issues we
were concerned about, and our approaches to solving them, at the 1975 "AFIPS
National Computer Conference". Our paper is on pages 161-175 of the
Proceedings. There is quite a detailed discussion of what we felt were the
appropriate design choices for the Node-Node and Source-Destination
transmission procedures, and the trade-offs between them. Although I am one of
the authors of the paper, and therefore probably have an exaggerated sense of
its importance, I recommend it to you if you want to understand why the ARPANET
design choices were made as they were.

Alex McKenzie, BBN

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