Help...looking for network anecdotes

Thu, 28 Jan 88 08:52:24 -0500

I am on the NAS/COSEPUP Panel on Information Technology and the
Conduct of Science. We are preparing our final report. One of the key
recommendations will be for an expanded and stable internet. We really
need some anecdotes on how networks have enabled scientific research. We
need examples of how new research or breakthroughs are directly attributable
to networks. There are numbers of examples to support our other recommendations,
such as the isolation of cold viruses using supercomputers, how computer
graphics have helped to discover minimal surfaces and aid in the design
of new molecules and organisms, how special purpose architectures have
aided in the real-time analysis of data, etc. We need similar examples
for computer networks, even if they involve only mundane uses
such as EMail.

Any anecdotes will be gratefully accepted. Thanks in advance.

Rick Adrion

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