Visa paper draft Finally available

Deborah L. Estrin (
Wed, 27 Jan 88 10:16:17 PST

A DRAFT of the visa protocol paper mentioned long ago is now ready for
limited distribution.
Those of you who requested copies via usmail will receive
them shortly. Those who requested copies via email, are asked
to ftp it over to save the mail systems. If this is not possible
for you let me know and i will send email or usmail.

The draft isavailable by anonymous ftp on in pub/draft_visa.tex

It is still a Draft so we recommend that you only look at it if
you are seriously interested in providing us with some feedback
with the understanding that it is not finished and is not intended for broad

thank you, Deborah Estrin (and co-authors Jeff Mogul of Digital and
                           Gene Tsudik of USC)

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