Re: TCP/IP Versus WANG, ARCNET/NOVELL Netware, & Honeywell

Philip A. Prindeville (PAP4@AI.AI.MIT.EDU)
Wed, 27 Jan 88 00:14:40 EST

    Date: Mon, 25 Jan 88 10:43:37 CST
    From: (Tim Krauskopf)
    Subject: Re: TCP/IP Versus WANG, ARCNET/NOVELL Netware, & Honeywell

    Our software may be of some help to you and is already paid for by
    various state and federal taxpayers. It will not be too difficult to
    write an ARCNET driver for the PC version of NCSA Telnet if you can

You can take an existing driver for PCIP and re-write it. This would be
fairly quick, and save you having to learn a lot about the COM 9026 chip.
I think Keith posted previously about where to get this and the related RFC.

    get just a little help from the company. Your biggest problem will be
    to find a gateway from ARCNET to Ethernet (802.3) to get out to the IP
    world. You could use our base to write a simple-minded gateway for an
    AT-class machine and forward all IP to some "smarter" host.

    I know of no other ARCNET TCP/IP gateways. Novell does have a TCP/IP
    [ ... ]

I know of someone who has written an ARCNET driver for KA9Q. This makes
a fairly decent (albiet low-performance, ~200pkt/sec) gateway. There
is also a pronet driver floating around, for ARCnet<->pronet... I'm
not sure about the availability (though it is PD), but if you're
interested, send me mail and I'll put you in touch.


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