Questions on MIL-STD-1778 (TCP).

Jim P. Codespote (jpcodes@TYCHO.ARPA)
26 Jan 1988 1557-EST

     I am trying to implement TCP in Ada. I am following the Military
Standard 1778 and I am having some trouble in understanding it. My problem
is what happens in a "net deliver" in an established state? (

     I found that the decision table is switched with the "net deliver"
table in the close wait state. Assuming I am using the right table now,
what should happen when; seq num status is valid, rst is on, sec prec
match is yes, syn in window is no, and ack status test2 is none? Does
this mean only data is being delivered? If so, why does the standard
say "no action"? Or, does this mean the only way data gets accepted is
if the segment contains an "ack"?

     Is the standard in error or am I just missing the point? I would
greatly appreciate any suggestions. Thank you.

     Please respond at jpcodes@TYCHO.ARPA

  Jim Codespote

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