Re: Banyan TCP/IP bridge

Tue, 26 Jan 88 14:02:16 EST

As of the latest release of Banyan VINES software, a Banyan server will do
IP routing between any interconnection of Banyan servers and associated
micros. It will pass VINES packets inside IP packets to enable server-to-
server communications, if desired. Micros may be connected via either
token ring or ethernet to the server, and must at present use FTP, inc
software for tcp/ip communications. Banyan is now offering a server license
for FTP software which saves considerably in the $ dept.
 Banyan plans to incorporate the FTP software into the server, making it part
of VINES, and hence more integrated for the user. Also, a gateway between
the Banyan mail system and SMTP is under development.
 Now if only all this were available "today".

                                             Bob Dixon
                                             Ohio State University
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