Re: TLI and Sockets

Marshall Rose (
Fri, 22 Jan 88 19:28:32 -0800

Perhaps I have misunderstood the question, but...

Sockets and TLI are both local mechanisms used for allowing processes
to talk to the network. If both are speaking TCP, then you can not
tell, but looking at the network traffic, whether one is using sockets
or TLI or anything else. However, the two programs which are talking,
one using sockets and the other TLI may be very different.

Now, if you question really was: "I have a program written to use
Berkeley sockets but I want to run it on a SVR3 machine which only
has streams, what can I do?" Then the answer is that some people
who are "heavy into Streams/TLI" have written libraries on top of
TLI which make it look like sockets. The inverse operation,
making sockets look like TLI is probably not possible without adding a
bit of functionality to sockets.


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