Gene Tsudik (tsudik%malibu.usc.edu%cse.usc.edu@oberon.usc.edu)
Fri, 22 Jan 88 10:43:09 PST

I have been experiencing what maybe a bug (or "feature") of 4.3 IP code
when trying to define new IP options.
The new option that I've defined doesn't seem to bother IP an any higher-level
protocols when the packets are relatively short. But, as soon as fragmentation
is required, e.g. FTP large file, the connection goes dead. My guess is that
the reassembly is never completed at the receiving end. a

My question is: has anyone been playing with option definition in 4.3 IP and, if
so, has a similar problem occurred? Also, is there an obvious place(s) to look
for bugs when defining options? Any common blunders people experience when doing
that ?

Gene Tsudik
USC Network Lab

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