Richard Mlynarik (MLY@XX.LCS.MIT.EDU)
Fri 22 Jan 88 13:28:39-EST

In the directory wheaties.ai.mit.edu:/ps/mly/supdup/
the files supdup.c, supdup.h, supdupd.c, supdup-login.c, Makefile.

The supdup-login file is needed because brain-dead un*x /bin/login
won't pass through the TERMCAP environment variable. This might
be fixed in 4.3 for all I know.

The implementation in those files is a lot closer to the spec than
the 4.2 implementation by David Brigham upon which it is based.
It is not as featureful as it might be, due to the obvious deficiencies
of un*x compared to obsolete operating systems.

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