ACM SIGCOMM Mtg. Washington DC 2/22/88
22 Jan 88 11:20:00 EST

Following is an announcement for TCP developers and maintainers who
are in the Washington D.C. area or will be visiting the area on 2/22/88.
This open informal meeting includes a talk and is intended for discussions of
technical issues and past experiences.

                                         DC SIGCOMM

                             Association for Computing Machinery
                                  Washington, D.C. Chapter
                                  Special Interest Group on
                                     Data Communication
                                           and the
                               NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center

                               NETWORK ROUNDTABLE #1/SEMINAR

        DATE: Monday, February 22, 1988

        TIME: 1:15 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

        PLACE: Goddard Space Flight Center
                        Building 8 Auditorium
                        Greenbelt, MD 20771

                        Directions: From the Baltimore-Washington Parkway, take
                        the Greenbelt Road/NASA exit. Turn left onto Greenbelt
                        Rd.; Goddard's main gate will be on the left at the
                        nth stoplight.

        RESERVATIONS: For security reasons, non-U.S. citizens and foreign
                        nationals wishing to attend should make arrangements
                        in advance through
                        their embassy.

        CONTACTS: For additional information, contact Sol Broder, Head,
                        Advanced Data Flow Technology Office at (301)286-7088
                        or Brian Lev at (301)286-9514.

                  1:15-1:30 Greeting/Introduction Broder/NASA
                                                        Gardner/SIGCOMM, Chair

                  1:30-2:00 Seminar D. Clark/MIT

                  2:00-4:00 Roundtable - Site Presentations
                  2:00-2:20 University of Maryland G. Ricart
                       2:40 George Mason University B. Peters
                       3:00 GSFC S. Broder
                       3:20 MITRE Chandler/Cerva
                       3:40 George Washington Univ. D. Preuss
                       4:00 NRL R Saenger

                  4:00-5:00 Discussion of Misc. Technology Concerns,
                            Plans for Future Meetings, Format, Content.

        GUEST SPEAKER: Dr. David Clark, MIT

        TOPIC: "Network Throughput - Where Are the Limits?"

        ROUNDTABLE: Area facility network managers and implmentors will
                        have an opportunity to share experiences and discuss
                        technology issues.


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