Re: An even worse week for EGP....

22 Jan 1988 10:57-EST

I also noticed strange network numbers a couple months ago. When I
ask about it, I was told that the bogus numbers were coming from a
gateway which had a noisy line to the net. Maybe the protocol being
used didn't have a checksum, maybe it was turned off, maybe it wasn't
"strong enough". Once the information gets into a table, it would be
propogated. I didn't get the impression that the problem had a very
high priority; the "only" adverse effect would be to use a slot in
routing tables, and since it was a bogus net, nobody should be using
it, and they should time out.
        I suspect that, given the dynamic and evolving nature of the
Internet, any code which assumes "otherwise <something valid>" will
cause us problems before too long. E.g., the new internet multicast
addresses, the new IP and TCP options that we would like to create,


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