Sun OS 3.4 and subnets

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Thu, 21 Jan 88 08:02 5


     In regards to my problem of getting subnets working on Sun OS 3.4
using diskless workstations on one side of a server and a campus
back-bone ethernet of the other, we're up.

     The credit for getting us up this far goes the Vance Morrison. We
got the diskless workstation side up first and THEN turned on the
ethernet interface to the back-bone. Now the server can talk to the
back-bone and the diskless wonders can talk to the server.

     Next problem is that the diskless boxes don't seem to be able to
reach the back-bone. We get one of two responses depending on what we
tell the server. Ether a diskless station trying to TELNET to the
back-bone will come up with 'network unreachable' OR TELNET wil say
'Trying....' and sit there.

     We're soooo close but no prize yet. Any more ideas? We've tried
various hand routings on the server but only get one of the above two


Chris Johnson
Northeastern University

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