Re: seeking experiences with IBM 9370 tcp/ip

Wed, 20 Jan 88 22:44:32 EST

>Our IBM types are planning on installing and evaluating an IBM 9370,
>including an Ethernet tcp/ip connection. We would be interested
>in the experiences of others with the 9370 tcp/ip. (Is the
>software just the wiscnet stuff?)
The IBM TCP/IP for VM product (5798-FAL, or just FAL for short :-) has
its roots in the Wiscnet package. BUT (a big but) the code has been
extensively worked on by IBM Yorktown. The current FAL product is
faster, more stable, and in all around better than Wiscnet ever was. I
would not make any negative assumptions based upon earlier experiences
with the Wiscnet code. On the hardware side (the 9370 and its ethernet
controler) I'm afraid I cann't offer any words of wisdom. For
discussions of FAL software (and related hardware issues) you might
want to join the IBMTCP-L list hosted at CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU (or
  (I believe you subscribe by sending a one line mail file containing
   'SUB IBMTCP-L <your name>' to LISTSERV@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU, but I may
   be wrong.)

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