John T. Nelson (sundc!potomac!
20 Jan 88 16:11:09 GMT

> The PSN 7.0 New End-to-End Deployment to the ARPANET
> is now complete. The ARPANET is permanently running the
> New End-to-End protocol, with no cutback to the Old End-to-End
> anticipated, except if emergency conditions should arise. A
> message from Ken Pogran describing the recent corrective actions is
> "attached".
> Minor problems are still being cleaned up, but none, we believe,
> which seriously impact any users.
> Ken Turkewitz (BBNCC), Russ Mundy (DCA), Annette Bauman (DCA)

Our site is seriously impacted. Our machine ( is
unable to talk to the ARPAnet (except which is an X.25 site
like us, running the DDN software provided by Sun. I take it from the
above message that BBN no longer feels the problem is with the 7.0 PSN
software but rather with the sites.


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