C-KERMIT For Honeywell DPS-6 & Tandem NonStop TXP

Stephen M. Carr (carrs@trout.nosc.mil)
Wed, 20 Jan 88 15:10:05 PST


1. Forgive me for bothering this forum for a query that is not
inline with TCP/IP. Under the circumstances, however, this
target audience is likely to be able to help me more than any
other forum I am aware of.

2. We need to identify and procure a working version of Columbia
University's C-KERMIT that will execute on a Honeywell DPS-6
under the GCOS6 Mod 400 Version 3.1 operating system.

3. If we cannot locate a current executable copy of C-KERMIT,
our lives become somewhat difficult, as we own no C compiler for
the DPS-6, and the Navy procurement process may have us waiting
until the millenia to legally obtain one.

4. Failing procurement of an executable copy, perhaps somebody
at Columbia University would be kind enough to answer this
question, "How can we obtain the source code for C-KERMIT that
will execute on the Honeywell DPS-6?"

4. Similarly, we have need to identify and procure a copy of C-
KERMIT which will execute on the TANDEM NonStop TXP. Guess which
two machines we wish to transfer files between in a nonnetworked
direct asynchronous modem linked environment?

5. Again, my apologies, but any help would be greatly
appreciated, and will no doubt save you money as taxpayers.

                       Very Respectfully,
                           Steve Carr
                          LCDR, SC, USN

Navy Management Systems Support Office (Code 42A)
Naval Air Station
Norfolk, Virginia 23511-6694

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