John S. Quarterman (longway!jsq@uunet.UU.NET)
Wed, 20 Jan 88 15:11:27 -0600

>Pardon me for bugging this community but can someone point me to a
>POSIX interest group or tell me where I can get a recent stab at the
>POSIX standard?

Yes:, requests to;
also distributed as newsgroup comp.std.unix on USENET. I'm the moderator.

There are various paper mailing lists and levels of participation in the
various committees. I will send you in a separate message a copy of my
semi-monthly posting on that subject. Most people on the TCP-IP list
are probably not interested.

>I understand that NBS has accelerated their efforts and may be ahead of
>IEEE in coming up with a standard.

Yes. There will be a report on that in comp.std.unix in the next few days.

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