Which gateway boxes can do this?

20 Jan 88 12:23 EST

We might want to set up an IP net along the following lines. Money will be
tight at first, but maybe will grow (with usage). For the configuration I am
now envisioning, a gateway box with the following characteristics would seem to
be in order. I would like to hear any information on which of the gateway
gadgets on the market can do most or all of the below listed things in a
reasonable fashion. Opinions on the relative merits of vendor's
implementations, support, etc., would also be of interest.

Description: This box should be an IP Gateway (Router) capable of interfacing

   (1) ARPANET or MILNET PSN using both 1822DH and DDN X.25 style interfaces.
   [There is an issue of port availability which may require DH initially.
   X.25 is ultimately desired. Naturally we would not want to have to buy
   different boxes at that point.]

   (2) Ethernet. 1 initially, possibly 2.

   (3) Another of its own kind at a very distant point, preferably via an
   assortment of leased line types such as 9.6 voice grade modem, 50kb analog,
   56kb DDS, whatever the demand eventually warrants. It is probable that a
   large proportion of the IP traffic will cross this wire!!

   (4) Public data network such as TYMNET, for the purpose of performing
   function (3). This is not indispensable but would be very nice to have,
   e.g., have permanent VC through the PDN to connect the 2 (or possibly more)
   geographically separate gateway boxes. There is a chance that help with
   certification can be arranged if someone thinks they have the code but
   hasn't gotten to certification yet. Of course, in return for help we would
   expect concessions.

Beyond the link interface requirements, all the obvious protocol requirements
for an IP gateway apply. Support for DECNET would be nice to have. The
product as a whole must be supported by the vendor, i.e., we want somebody else
to fix bugs and deal with evolution of the protocol world.

I am in rather a hurry to get at least some generalities together for the end
users. I know who some of the potential vendors would be, but probably not
all, and in some cases the descriptive info I have just isn't very clear. Thus
I would be appreciative of any definite statements or educated guesses about
who can actually deliver such a thing. Proteon, cisco Systems, and probably
Sun seem to be in the ballpark. There are hints that Ford Aerospace and
possibly Bridge may have something. If there's anyone else I should talk to,
let me know who and where.

Please reply directly. I will summarize to net if requested. Thanks in
advance for all information and assistance.

Bill Barns

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