imp->psn upgrade, ecu override

Ron Stanonik (
20 January 1988 0721-PST (Wednesday)

Our imp (26) was recently upgraded to a psn. Our interface
was an lhdh through an ecu to an ecu at the imp. Our interface
is still an lhdh through an ecu, but the former ecu at the
imp was replaced by something that came with the psn. What's
puzzling is that the folks doing the installation had us set
our ecu to override ("disable error overflow induced reset").
At one time it was very important not to override because we'd
lose rfnm's and without an imp reset our operating system
(4.1bsd, 4.2bsd?) would hit an rfnm limit and not open any
more network connections. Since the imp-to-psn switch, we've
noticed lost rfnm's again (and coincidently our operating system,
4.3bsd, going comatose). Maybe this will go away with the
recent 1822-to-x.25 fixes to the psn's, but we still wonder
if our ecu should be set to override? Any ideas?


Ron Stanonik

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