C binding interfaces for TCP/IP

Dave Arnold (vdelta!dave@uunet.uu.net)
20 Jan 88 00:52:31 GMT

I am new to TCP/IP, so please excuse me if this is elementary, but...

Could someone please tell me what approach is taken for applications
programs to use a TCP/IP network? More specifically, what does a C
program look like that is doing network I/O on a TCP/IP network?
Is the source code for the FTP client portable across all systems on
the ARPA Internet?

Are there efforts underway to standardize a C language interface for TCP/IP?
I have asked a particular vendor about this for VAX/VMS, and all he said was
"You get a QIO interface". Great, so when we migrate to OSI, we will have
to rewrite all our software. How does BSD sockets and streams fit into this?

We would like to create a "Virtual network runtime library", that would allow
application programs to interface to any kind of network. Has such a model
already been suggested? Does anybody think that this idea is not feasable?

Thanks in advance.

Dave Arnold

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