Re: Where to find... supdup and tn3270 specs

Tue, 19 Jan 88 14:31:44 PST

Philip Prindeville -

     I wrote the SUPDUP RFC (RFC 734) 10 years ago. It doesn't
require any knowledge of PDP-10 assembly language programming,
although it was written in a day when PDP-10 conventions were
more widely understood. Today, I would probably write it a bit

    However, it isn't that difficult to understand octal numbers
or even the n,,m format. n,,m is a way of specifying a 36-bit
quantity, where n is the more significant 18 bits and m is the
least significant 18 bits. PDP-10's are big-endian, so the number
120,,54 is equivalent to 00012000054 bit is easier to understand.

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