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The following message didn't seem to make it out of my host when
I sent it the first time. Since this is a topic that comes up
from time to time, I thought I would resend it.


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Barry asked the following:

        Has there been any standardization on the translation of
        Class B or C IP addresses to X.25 addresses? I am aware
        of the translation standard for Class A addresses, but
        have not seen any for B or C.


There is an informal standardization for Class B: the first two
octets of the IP address are the network number, the third octet
is treated identically to the second octet of Class A addresses,
and the fourth octet is treated identically to the fourth octet
of Class A addresses. The third octet of Class A addresses is
dropped completely in Class B addresses.

There is absolutely no standardization for Class C, because there
are so few local network address bits to play with. The host
network software support person for Class C nets must provide his
or her own mapping between the Class C addresses and X.25
addresses for that net. For example, the five most significant
bits of the fourth octet of the Class C address could be the host
number, and the three least significant bits the PSN number. It
is a compromise between the number of PSNs on the network and the
maximum number of hosts on a PSN.


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