Help!!! token rings

John 'Echo' Kopaz (rdlvax!
19 Jan 88 03:59:39 GMT

prelude: i know very little about nets and stuff
                (enough to be dangerous)....

question: what would be required (hw/sw) to connect a token ring of pc's
                to an ethernet of suns, vaxen, and an alliant? i want to be
                able to rlogin from the pc's and/or submit jobs to mdqs. i
                would also like to to stick to tcp/ip as transfer/internet
                protocols on the token ring (if i can...).

query: can pc-nfs do this??? ( it would be nice to have all systems
                under nfs.....)

background: we are running bsd4.3 on the vax, the current sun release, and
                a bsd4.2 derivative on the alliant ( all these under nfs ).
                we are running desk view on the pc's ( also trying other
                multitasking dos ).

plead: where would i look to gain knowlage in this area?
                texts, papers, etc... ( taking the prelude into concideration )

respond: via email please ( i don't have time to read the news all the

disclamer: the spelling is mine.


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