Turbo C port of the KA9Q TCP/IP

Amit S. Joshi (phoenix!asjoshi@princeton.edu)
18 Jan 88 17:18:42 GMT


I have received a number of requests for the Turbo C port of the KA9Q
TCP/IP code. I have been mailing it out but now I am swamped. I thought
that only a few people would be interested in the code when I made the
offer to mail out copies. I shall therefore post the stuff to the net.

I would like to warn everybody that the version I have ported is NOT the
Christmas release. I am not using it for a packet radio, in fact I am
only using things to the socket level and so I have no plans to port the
Christmas release either. Also since I am not using most of the features
I have not tested them extensively. I am reasonably certain everthing
works over the ethernet with the 3COM board (I have used that portion),
but the rest I know that it compiles - I have fixed all the problems
that cropped in the ethernet portion and fixed similar code in other
places similarly.

My apologies to those people who requested and had to wait and then get
this message. I'll probably post to comp.protocols.tcp-ip.ibmpc unless I
get messages to the contrary soon.

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