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Sigh - second attempt.


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Date: 9 Jan 1988 10:48-EST
Subject: SIGCOMM
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With apologies to those of you who are not SIGCOMM members (you
should be!!), I am using this distribution list to clarify a
statement I made in the most recent Computer Communications Review
(the quarterly publication of ACM/SIGCOMM).

In that issue, I described a debate in which it was proposed, I
thought, to drop "conferences with papers" from the ACM/SIGCOMM
activities and to concentrate on focused workshops. In fact, I
misunderstood Dave Clark's suggestion. He was merely pointing out
that we should have only one such "paperful" conference sponsored
by SIGCOMM - other activities ought to be workshop in format.

Jose Garcia-Luna from SRI International also pointed out his objections
to dropping all conference activity from SIGCOMM - and hastened to
remind me that we have such a conference scheduled in October 88
(SIGCOMM 88 at Stanford University).

So, having been "reset" by two people whose opinions I certainly
respect, I intend to pursue the single, high-quality SIGCOMM
conference approach and to retain Datacomm in its workshop form.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have go go charter a boat in Bimini...


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