Re: Not a good day for EGP

Thomas Narten (
Sun, 17 Jan 88 16:10:31 EST

> DOWN: (purdue-cs-net) (EGP or indirect via EGP)

The list of "down" neighbors may be a bit deceiving. The machine hasn't peered with Purdue LSI gateway since before
Christmas. I would suggest that the LSI gateway hasn't been rebooted
in over a month and that the entry is old, but...

>However, the three EGPspeakers I watch are now crashing at intervals
>of a few hours, so the bogon generator may be barking at those
>intervals or less.

Perhaps the definition of "crashed" needs to be examined. According to
my own logs, the Purdue gateway has flawlessly responded to ICMP
echoes every 15 minutes for the last 3 days. Although the gateway can
probably reboot and completely rebuild all its route tables in only a
few minutes, it seems unlikely that I would miss every one of the


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