A good day for timewarps

Sun, 17 Jan 88 11:50:41 EST


Two of the four Internet timetellers normally synchronized to NBS radio time
have blown their springs. ISI ( is ticking one year in the past
and NCAR ( is ticking one day in the future. The remaining two,
UMD1 ( and FORD1 (, are presently in-chime with NBS;
however, access to FORD1 is frequently unstable due to network problems. Since
all NSFNET Backbone fuzzballs except U Maryland are synchronized to NCAR,
these tockers will also be ticking one day in the future.

At ISI the system startup file must be updated to the present year.
Apparently, probably due to known hardware problems, the file was restored as
of last year. At NCAR the bugfix I left on the disk there must be installed.
Cornell was notified of the NCAR bug last week but so far has not installed
the fix. I cannot do either of these things from here.


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