Spooky Routing by Sun TCP/IP

George E. Lehmann (apctrc!zgel05@uunet.uu.net)
6 Jan 88 15:22:50 GMT

Tulsa, Oklahoma
Keywords: routing, tcp/ip, telnet, ftp

We have a bunch of Suns configured on several seperate nets something like:
            | VM running KNET |
     ---------------+----------+----------+--------------- 193.9.200 Ethernet
                               | |
                           +---+---+ +---+---+
                           | Sun A | | Sun B |
                           +---+---+ +---+---+
                               | |
                    -----------+----------+--------- 193.9.202 Ethernet

We have a problem where VM tries to talk to Sun B using Sun A as a router,
but Sun B responds to VM using its 193.9.200 interface. Since VM does not
have the 193.9.200 interface for Sun B defined, it ignores the response.

Questions: Is the Sun trying to be smart, recognizing it can get to the
193.9.200 net in one less hop by using a different interface to respond on?
If so, is there a way to turn off this smartness without unplugging the
second interface?

Any answers to these questions, or general enlightenment in this area will
be greatly appreciated.

George Lehmann,	 ...!uunet!apctrc!zgel05
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