TCP/IP implementation over AT&T's STARLAN

Jonathan Sadler (shorty!
17 Jan 88 14:48:28 GMT

The University of Wisconsin - Madison has recently recieved a few
3b1s through AT&T's University Grant Program. While we are glad
to have also been given a bunch of Ethernet cards with Wollingong
TCP/IP, we didn't get as many cards as machines. We recieved
enough Starlan cards to make up the ballance, though. This leads
up to my question.

Has anyone implemented TCP/TP on Starlan? I have been told by a
couple of friends that they had seen this at a USENIX a few years
ago, but they were not sure who had done it.

Does anyone know about this implementation of TCP/IP? If noone does, I
probably will end up doing this adaptation of the Wollingong software.

With that second part in mind, does anyone know anything about the starlan
driver and the Ethernet driver for the 3b1 computer?

All help is greatly appreciated.

Jonathan Sadler
Computing Systems Labratory
Computer Science Department
University of Wisconsin - Madison

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