Re: Adaptors for thinwire to thickw

15 Jan 88 12:34:00 GMT

>/* Written 10:46 am Jan 14, 1988 by >/* Written 10:46 am Jan 14, 1988 by miket@ccicpg.UUCP in ishmael:comp.protocols.tcp-ip */
>... It[Latisnet] apparently is a twisted pair ethernet.
>It uses a star type of topology and phone lines (unshielded twisted pairs)
>to make a low cost ethernet.
>Does anyone know if the system is any good ?

I am also very interested from anyone with experience with this, or any
similar system. It doesn't seem especially cheap at $600+/node[from Digital
Review, which gave a positive review], but the twisted pair star configuration
sounds worthwhile. We frequently shuffle Sun nodes between offices; running
and re-running coax that can't be touched during office hours is a real pain.
Also, our experience is that thin ethernets with direct connections to
workstations are only marginally reliable.

Charles Ball
Intermetrics, Inc.

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