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Dear Network Colleagues,

We are sending the following announcement to you because many of you
will be very interested in reading the documents mentioned, if you have
not already done so.

Elizabeth Feinler,
DDN Network Information Center


A Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) has been issued by the
National Bureau of Standards (NBS) for GOSIP in the Federal Register,
V52, No. 208, Oct. 28, 1987. [See below for obtaining

This FIPS proposes a Federal Information Processing Standard for a
Government Open Systems Interconnection Profile (GOSIP), and, in
essence, spells out the policy of the Federal government including the
DoD transition from TCP/IP to ISO international protocols.

GOSIP is to be used by Federal government agencies when acquiring
computer network products and services and communications systems or
services that provide equivalent functionality to the protocols defined
in the GOSIP documents.

Currently, GOSIP supports the Message Handling Systems (MHS) and File
Transfer, Access, and Management applications (FTAM). GOSIP also
supports interconnection of the following network technologies: CCITT
Recommendation X.25; Carrier Sense Multiple Access with Collision
Detection (IEEE 802.3): Token Bus (IEEE 802.4); and Token Ring (IEEE
802.5). Additional applications and network technologies will be added
to later versions of the GOSIP document or vendor products in which
such protocols are embedded.

The proposed transition from TCP/IP to international protocols is
expected to have considerable impact and has been given a great deal of
thought and review by the Government. It may well have impact on your
activities, making it particularly important that you are aware of the
adopted policy and the GOSIP FIPS itself.

If you have questions or wish to respond, the details for how to do so
are included in the Federal Register issue or in the NIC online file

Gerry Mulvenna (MULVENNA@ICST-ECF.ARPA) at NBS is available to answer
questions you might have about the GOSIP FIPS, and is willing to
forward formal responses received via electronic mail to the Director,



1. PROTOCOLS:GOSIP-FEDREG.TXT (contains the Federal Register
                                        announcement of the FIPS)
2. PROTOCOLS:GOSIP-V1.DOC (contains GOSIP profile itself)
3. PROTOCOLS:OSDIR-7-87.TXT (contains OSD directive to
                                        proceed with policy within DoD)

All files are available from the DDN Network Information Center host,
SRI-NIC.ARPA, via FTP (using the anonymous login convention), KERMIT,
or SERVICE (the NIC's automatic electronic mail service). Hardcopy is
available from NTIS and also from the DDN NIC. (NIC copies may be
obtained for the cost of reproduction and handling.) Call the NIC at

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