Re: bootp/rarp

Mike Minnich (mminnich@UDEL.EDU)
Thu, 14 Jan 88 11:28:57 -0500

> I'm not sure if 4.2 really accepted
> as a broadcast address, or only net.0, and I no longer have
> virgin 4.2 sources around to check it.


Last I tried using as a BOOTP broadcast address in a 4.2
environment, most if not all of our Unix UDP servers went belly-up,
into some kind of tight loop. Since at the time I was interested in
making BOOTP work, I decided to use a hard-wired (non-broadcast) IP
address and wait for 4.3 to resolve the broadcast problem.

Hope this helps.


PS - I didn't try net.0, but I would strongly suspect that it would work.

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