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14 Jan 88 07:05:51 GMT

In article <4481@sdcsvax.UCSD.EDU> brian@sdcsvax.UCSD.EDU (Brian Kantor) writes:
>I can't ping SEISMO.CSS.GOV from our host 'SDCSVAX.UCSD.EDU' at
> I can ping SEISMO quite nicely from our neighbor on the same
>IMP (NOSC.MIL at We are both using the same default gateway
>at, which seems to be the way the packets are going.
>SEISMO isn't an isolated case - I can't ping any of the following hosts
>from SDCSVAX, but I can from NOSC:


I can get to all of these hosts, and haven't seen any problems routing to them.
We are sending stuff through SDSC to the NSFNET backbone and on from there,
so things probably aren't touching the same piece of ethernet cable that you
are on, but the systems are reachable.

There have been reported problems that affect at least one of these systems
( The gateway has evidently been in trouble over
the past few days, and things haven't been shuttled around the way they

>There are others. And there are hundreds of mail messages waiting in
>our queue because we can't get to their nameservers to get delivery
>addresses. (There ARE hosts on network 10 that I can ping, btw, such
>as UCBVAX.)

I don't have my map of how the UCSD campus is connected to SDSC at hand, but
UCBVAX may not be a good example. If you are routing things through the least
number of hops then stuff to UCBVAX probably isn't going to your default
gateway, the fastest route would be through the SDSC Proteon and out to the
BARRNET (There are two R's in BARRNET aren't there?) backbone. Is this right?
I have noticed that when the SDSC link into the NSFNET goes down we can still
get to the BARRNET, so the SDSC Proteon is routing things correctly in that

>I called the Milnet NOC, and they seemed to think that it's a core
>gateway problem and told me to call BBN. BBN assures me that they were
>already working on the problem - seems that they see a problem with one
>of the gateways, but I don't know what that problem would be.

That is probably the PSC.PSC.EDU gateway, maybe it is effecting more than
one site.

  I hope this helps,

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