Re: TCP/IP Terminal servers on VMS Vaxen

Wed, 13 Jan 88 23:40 EDT

Here at McMaster University, we have 2 780s, 1 785 and 1 8600 each equipted
with an IVECS card. We also have several CS/100s connected to other services.

Most of our 8600 access is through Ethernet with our own PC based terminal

Here is a small list of problems/requirements of the IVECS cards.

1. A UNIBUS. Newer Vaxen don't have UNIBUSes.

2. Each IVECS card can emulate up to 6 DMF-32s and also takes up one CSR and
   vector for each emulated DMF. We had problems finding room when we added
   the IVECS card to the 8600 which already had lots of RS232 DMZ access.

3. You require a NCS/150 or NCS/150 AT to download the software to the
   cards and do any network management.

4. You can only do TELNET or RLOGIN so file transfer must be accomplished
   via serial protocols like Kermit. (We use Kermit on our PCs).

5. Currently, hitting Control-S with-out a Control-Q may lose data.

I quess I should give some good points too.

1. We have very little problem with the cards.

2. The Vax is off-loaded of all the TELNET TCP/IP processing.

    - Carl Beame

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