VAX/VMS and cisco AGS Gateways

Betsy Ramsey (EWR@SEED.AMS.COM)
Tue 12 Jan 88 10:21:38-EST

        The AMS has a cisco Systems AGS-1E1D Internet gateway (soft-
        ware version 6.1(1)) that connects our Ethernet local area
        network to the Arpanet over a DDN X.25 connection. We're
        having problems getting our CMU/Tek TCP/IP software (V6.2) on
        our VAX/VMS (V4.6) systems to communicate successfully through
        the gateway. Our TOPS-20 TCP/IP software does not have this

        If you have a cisco Systems AGS gateway (any model) connected
        to your Ethernet, and you are running any brand of TCP/IP
        software on a VAX/VMS system, I'd appreciate hearing from you.

        In particular, I'd like to know the following:

             o What AGS model and software revision are you using?

             o What TCP/IP software and version are you running on
                your VMS system?

             o Are you having any problems with the combination of
                the two?

        My apologies to those users who are reading this message on
        more than one list.

        Betsy Ramsey
        American Mathematical Society
        Providence, RI

        Internet: EWR@SEED.AMS.COM

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