Query on ICMP redirect handling when received by 4.3BSD hosts

H. Morrow Long (long@yale-zoo.arpa)
8 Jan 88 18:11:02 GMT

        We (Yale CS and EE depts) are preparing for an NFSNET (actually JVNCnet)
        gateway that will be added to the local network configuration in
        addition to our ARPAnet gateway. We have successfully used Gated
        to replace the the EGP daemon on our local backbone and we would
        like to have the gateway used for reaching default routes be dynamically
        switched (between JVNCnet and ARPAnet) by using ICMP redirects.
        Unfortunately looking at the 4.3BSD code it appears that although
        sending ICMP redirects from a 4.3BSD gateway is fairly developed the
        receiving of an ICMP redirect by a 4.3BSD host merely marks the fact
        that the route was obtained dynamically from an ICMP redirect but the
        redirect is never aged and removed (timed out). The 4.3BSD routed
        has a comment inside main.c in the infinite for loop where select
        is called to wait for RIP input and process() is called if there is
        rip input that says 'handle ICMP redirects' but there is code in the
        4.3BSD routed that appears to handle ICMP redirects. Is this true?
        Is there a version of routed that does?

                                                H. Morrow Long

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