Re: Happy New Year and * h e l p *

Ron Broersma (
Fri, 8 Jan 88 08:51:38 PST

I have had similar (painful) experiences with trying to get the subnet
support on Sun OS 3.4 to work. I saw similar problems with the early
attempts at getting subnets in 4.2 BSD and I assume that the Sun code
has the same problems. I was able to fix the 4.2 problems because I had
sources for it. I don't have Sun sources so I have had a hard time
isolating the problem in Sun OS. Of course, all these problems were fixed
in 4.3 which supports subnets very well in my experience.

>From what I can tell, it looks like the routing code is very braindamaged.
On a host with multiple interfaces on the same Class B net (but all on
different subnets) it cannot seem to figure out what's the right net interface
to use when installing a route. It often gets the wrong one. I also found
that I had to turn off routed because it was making important routes just

At this point I've sort of given up on subnet support in Sun OS until my
sources arrive (soon, I hope). Once I have sources I'm sure I'll be able
to track down the problem and get a better understanding of what's going


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