ip/icmp/echo messages

Larry Swift (cbosgd!clyde!burl!codas!usfvax2!pdn!larry@ucbvax.Berkeley.EDU)
6 Jan 88 20:42:06 GMT

While waiting for 4.3 BSD source code, I have been reading rfc's, etc,
trying to figure out:

         1) whether icmp echo/reply messages can be sent with ip headers
                 that specify strict source routing (via raw sockets only?),
         2) whether this would be useful in creating a looptest tool for
                 customer service to check out specific serial links, and
         3) who has already implemented such an animal (probably only
                 about 50,000 people or so?). I understand there's a program
                 called "ping" which uses echo. Is it what I'm looking for?
                 Where can I get it?

Thanks in advance.

Larry Swift UUCP: {codas,usfvax2}!pdn!larry
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