Re: MILNET/?/UMDNET/SURA/GWU-GATE traffic question

Steve D. Miller (
Fri, 8 Jan 88 08:14:32 EST

        Subject: Re: MILNET/?/UMDNET/SURA/GWU-GATE traffic question
        From: Stephen Wolff <>

        What Record Route is showing you is the packet traveling from - presumably the GWU_campus_net-to-SURANET P4200
        gateway at GWU - (but why it spent so much time there I don't
        understand) to - the next P4200 (which happens to be at
        NSF) - to the principal node of SURANET at University of Maryland,
        College Park, where it is loaded onto MILNET. That is in fact the
        most direct route there is.

   Indeed, that is the most direct route there is. However, one of the
restrictions under which we at UMCP operate is that we can never ever
forward packets from ARPANET, NSFNET, SURANET, et al. directly to MILNET.
(Otherwise, we'd effectively be a mailbridge.) The only packets that can
cross our MILNET gateway are those with an IP source address on network
128.8. (There is a hack in the kernel on (a 4.3BSD host)
that enforces this restriction.)

   A quick peek at the UMCP ARPANET gateways tells me that they're routing
MILNET traffic via DCEC-MILNET-GW.ARPA, at least for the moment. I don't
have access to the UMCP SURANET gateways, so I don't know exactly what they
want to do with MILNET traffic, but I assume they send it to the ARPANET
gateways. If someone from SURANET is reading this, and could check the
routing, that would be good...


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