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     Happy New Year and I have a question.

     We have a back bone ethernet around the campus. Off of this is the
occasional diskless workstation farm. These are Sun systems. That's
the topology.

     We also have a set of Class B internet addresses. The back bone
has been given a subset of these addresses and we want to use a
different subset for the off back bone diskless systems.

     We have been waiting for Sun OS 3.4 to come so that we could use
subnets which seems to be the solution to separating things. We now
have 3.4 but can't get any of the diskless wonders to boot when we put
the class B addresses up. HOWEVER, booting seems to work just fine when
the diskless ethernet segments are given a class C address and the back
bone a class B address. We believe we are having a tough time making
Sun OS 3.4 work with subnets but aren't sure. It's hard to tell with
UNIX and we only have a moderate level of expertise here.

     One more fly in the ointment is that we have a ComputerVision
system which is a Sun diskless wonder farm off a disk server which is
running Sun OS 3.2 and isn't likely to change any time soon.
ComputerVision is a little behind.


     1) Has anybody made subnets or a similar configuration to the
        above work with Sun OS 3.4? If so, HOW? (*help*)


     2) If I bring this mess up with class B addresses on the back bone
        and class C addresses on the diskless segments, will packets
        with class C addresses ever escape on to the back bone? These
        diskless systems are to be allowed to log in to other machines
        which are on the back bone. The problem is that we are
        scheduled to be connected to JVNCNet REAL soon and I don't want
        addressing snafus because we can't get Sun OS to work or because
        it doesn't work. Right now I very willing to believe that
        problem is us and not Sun but one never knows.

                          * h e l p *

Chris Johnson
Northeastern University.

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