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Thu, 07 Jan 88 18:42:39 -0500

>> ... The problem with RSTS is
>> that DEC has never done anything to ease user-written device drivers,
>> and there was nothing like the VMS XE driver to allow user programs to
>> get at the raw ethernet the last I knew.
> I heard rumors (shortly after you left the RSTS community James, and
> shortly before I did) that such an interface was in the offing. I
> have not heard what came of that.

In the RSTS/E V9.4 Programming Manual (DEC Order Number AA-EZ09A-TC {
including AD-EZ09A-T1,T2}) the aboved problem is addressed: " In order to
increase the flexibility of Ethernet on RSTS/E, DIGITAL has provided a
direct interface to the Ethernet data link layer for RSTS/E users. This
interface resembles the interface provided for the DMC/DMR communications
devices, and can be programmed with or without DECnet/E on the system."
(page 11-3)

This allows use of both UNIBUS controllers (DELUA and DEUNA) as device XE:
and the Q-bus controller (DEQNA) as device XH:.

                Edward F. Beadel, Jr.
                RSTS SIG Steering Committee
                UNIGIG rep to DECUS PDP-11 Task Force

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