Charles Hedrick (
Thu, 7 Jan 88 12:46:52 EST

I am sending a copy of bootp to Jeff under separate cover. We recommend
using bootp rather than rarp where possible:
  - it is designed to go through gateways. You can boot a large
        network of cisco equipment from a single boot host (or from
        more than one, as long as they are all on one subnet) if
        if want to. THis may be convenient for networks where it
        is not practical to have servers at each location.
  - it does not need a kernel change to install. Rarp does not use
        TCP or UDP, so you need to hack some kernel tables if your
        system doesn't already implement it. Note that Sun, which
        does claim to implement it, often can't be used to boot
        cisco equipment, because Sun's RARP drops all but one request
        when it gets several at once.
Bootp requests that your kernel have an ioctl to install a new
ARP table entry. This is needed in order to get the response back
to the requestor. Obviously the requestor is not yet in a position
to respond to an ARP request. 4.3, and most vendor-supplied versions
of 4.2, has such a call.

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