Wed, 6 Jan 88 13:07:13 PST

It has been determined that some ARPANET host sites have had difficulty cutting
over to the new End-to-End protocols (PSN 7.0). For this reason, a
cut back to the old End-to-End protocols is being considered for
Sunday, 16 January.

Site representatives who feel this will cause disruption of network
services, user software changes, or need more time to prepare for the
cutover, are asked to contact Annette Bauman, ABauman@DDN1.ARPA,
(703) 285-5445/(AV) 356-5445 or Bobby Powell, SCCMGR@DDN1.ARPA,
(703) 285-5228/(AV) 356-5228. If no response is received by 14 January,
we will proceed as planned.

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