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Merton Campbell Crockett (
Tue, 5 Jan 88 22:00:07 PST


Softronics offers a product called Softerm PC which includes a "seamless disk"
or "remote virtual disk" capability. In release 2.00.09 of the software, I
was able to access the disk on our DDN gateway VAX running bsd 4.3. They
were some problems with the implementation:

    1. The procedure that you create for the "seamless disk" had to log
        you in to the correct account on the host system. (MS-DOS wanted
        to interpret the "/" in the UNIX path name as a MS-DOS switch.)
    2. The files name had to follow MS-DOS naming conventions and file
        name length restrictions.
    3. The file name had to be all upper case characters unless you used
        the UNIX upper/lower case translation capability by logging in
        using upper case characters in which case you could access files
        with lower case names.

I currently use release 2.10.02 but haven't gotten around to retesting to
see if they corrected the above problems.

Merton Campbell Crockett

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