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"A Research and Development Strategy for High Performance Computing",
November 20, 1987, is a product of the Federal Coordinating Council on
Science, Engineering, and Technology (FCCSET - pronounced "fixit"[!])
Committee on Computer Research and Appications, an organ of the Office
of Science and Technology Policy. The report treats four topics:

                High performance computers,
                Software technology and algorithms,
                Networking, and
                Basic research and human resources.

Federal agencies participating in the Networking section included NSF,
NASA, NBS, DHHS, DoE, NIH, DARPA, and NRL. They solicited white papers
from users and providers of network services in late 1986, and held a
workshop in February 1987 at which six working groups drawn from
industry, universities, and government addressed networking requirements
and future alternatives, special requirements for supercomputer
networks, internet concepts, future standards and service requirements,
computer network security, and the government role in networking; the
networking portion of the FCCSET report is a distillation of the white
papers and six working group reports.

The participating Federal agencies named above are distributing the
report; if you send me your postal address I'll mail you a copy.


PS: The report is also being reprinted in the Proceedings of the recent
2nd TCP/IP Interoperability Conference, organized by Advanced Computing
Environments, 21370 Vai Avenue, Cupertino, CA 95014.

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