Re: UVax ULTRIX Blues

Tor Sverre Lande (
4 Jan 1988 23:22-EST

Well, there is a couple of more hints using TCP/IP on Ultrix.

1. If you also are running DECNET do ALL the DECNET-stuff before
"ifconfig" in rc.local. The DECNET-software changes your
ehternet-adress so if you do "ifconfig" before "ncp ...." your TCP/IP
will never work. Did you ever think hardware ethernet-addresses should
be unique?!?

2. If you are using subnets and have a gateway taking max. 576 bytes
packets between your subnets there is an undocumented kernel-option
NETCONSERVE setting max packetsize to 576 to all non-local subnets.
This is the same option as SUBNETSARELOCAL in 4.3bsd.


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