Re: ICMP type #7?

Fri, 01 Jan 88 13:45:55 -0500


        Could I bother you for a little more information? You say

    "Looking at one of the CSNET machines, I discovered that out of 170,000
        IP packets received, ... "

        By CSNET machine, you mean host, rather than gateway, right?

        How recently did you notice this occurrence and can you give a historical
perspective to this problem (not noticed/not looked for a week/month ago)?

        Is it possible to find out where some of these ICMP messages are coming
from and what the contents of some of these messages might be?

        I ask these questions because I want to see if it is, perhaps,
our gateways that are, say, sending out an incorrect ICMP message in
response to some problem (ttl expire, redirect, whatever).

        Thank you.


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