Re: ftp problems

Chris VandenBerg (chris@ACC-SB-UNIX.ARPA)
Tue, 22 Dec 87 08:55:43 PST

        I have been doing transfers from our ACCES/MVS product(TCP/IP for the
MVS environment) to 4.3 BSD hosts and PC hosts(running the FTP Software). What
you have to make sure of is that both parties are talking **BINARY IMAGE***
both when you put things on the mainframe and when you take them back off.
Since the IBM likes to see EBCDIC and the others want to see ASCII most packages
default to their respective prefered data mode. So you have to specifically go
in and tell both parties to just send binary data streams without the conversionIf you'd like more info give me a call at ACC.
                        Hope that helps,
                                        Chris VandenBerg
                                        Advanced Computer Communications
                                        (805) 963-9431

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