ftp problems

21 Dec 87 23:05:57 GMT

We here at CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU have recently been able to use the tcp/ip suite
through the vm/tcp machine.I has been running well thanks to our network

I have used TELNET and been succeccful. Our problem comes when I use FTP
to transfer pc or macintosh executable programs in a binary or packed format.

I get garbage. Is there a problem with the transfer method? There are 3 'TYPE'
options: Ascii, Binary, Image. Which do we use?

Is the problem because the files are being sent through the vm mainframe and
are being translated before getting to the micro?

Is anyone also having this problem and found a work around solution?
As a lot of people are beginning to use ftp this problem is coming up more
frequently at our site. The questions fall on us.

Any help will be appreciated

Wendell P. Brown a.k.a. "Splash"
Senior Technician at
CUNY University Computer Center
Microcomputer Resource Laboratory

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