Re: An ARPANET update

Michael J. O'Connor (
Sun, 20 Dec 87 15:23:32 EST

        I finally contacted Hilarie Orman (I finally contacted Hilarie Orman (ho@tis) who is a fellow Sun
sufferer (in the sense that she is also plagued by this X.25 problem).
Hilarie tells me that the problem I'm currently seeing with my L3 software
locking up is one that has been plaguing her system for a while. I believe
she said the problem occured before the new End-to-End. I can assure you
that we never had this problem under the old End-to-End or I would never have
mentioned it to you. We maybe running older Sun X.25 software than Hilarie is,
but whatever the reason, it sounds like that part of my problem is Sun's
        Just to keep the record straight, I still have the 'thrashing circuits'.


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