X.25 Implementation vs Protocol

G.BEATTIE (ihnp4!homxb!hou2d!n2dsy@ucbvax.Berkeley.EDU)
18 Dec 87 04:03:36 GMT

It's a shame that some folks damn a protocol suite based
on what seems to be a combination of implemtation problems
and/or learning curve hassles.

I have seen good X.25 interfaces and bad, both on the DTE
side and the network side. Let's look at the gentleman's
problem like PROFESSIONALS and keep the pompous babblings to
ourselves. I rarely post comments, because of the endless
rounds of this kind of stuff. I JUST DON'T SEE THE POINT.
Alas, I just can't keep from asking for a bit of common sense.
Thanks, J. Gordon Beattie, Jr. ihnp4!hotps!n2dsy-4!n2dsy
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